The Importance of Defining What Success Means to You

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Everyone in life seems to be chasing the same thing, something by the name of success. While this may seem like everyone is pursuing the same goal, this couldn't be further from the truth. For this reason, you must discuss what success means to you before you start the journey towards it. Otherwise, you may end up lost along the way.


Why Does Success Look Different for Everyone?

Name one person on this earth that likes all the same things you do and does them in the exact same way you do. Can't think of anyone? Exactly. This is because everyone on this earth is different, so you can't expect success to look the same for everyone either.

You have different desires, beliefs, and abilities. Chances are something that someone else may see as success may not even seem like fun to you. Therefore, you wouldn't consider it a success based on how you see the world. 

Why is Defining What Success Means to You Important?

 If you are chasing someone else's idea of success, the reality is, you probably won't get there. Especially because we have already established that you are unique in your abilities and desires. Therefore, to achieve success, you must define what that means for you.

For example, someone like Elon Musk may qualify success as selling 12,000 of his new car model. While that is great for Elon Musk, you are just a dealer at a car lot. You're just looking to make enough money to survive and go on that vacation you've always wanted. Therefore success for you should be defined as selling five cars every month, or whatever amount to meet your monetary goal.

If you don't set an appropriate goal and instead define success only as selling 12,000 units, you will likely never achieve it and end up disappointed and discouraged.

Defining Success is Critical to Achieving It

As you can see, you don't have to make your own definition of success, but if you stick to the one the world provides you, you won't be honoring your situation or desires. 

It's time to throw away the world's ideas of success and create your own. While it may look different, and others may not understand, you’ll be able to achieve it—and that’s all that really matters.

Overall, success is only great if you achieve it. Therefore it is absolutely critical that you define your own version of success. This is the only way it will be within your reach.  

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