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Kindness isn't trendy. It isn't a hot button topic. It doesn't get as much press as happiness, passion, or determination. We think about it, but it's not something we strive to acquire. That is a pity because kindness doesn't just help the people around us; it helps us too. It is the proverbial no-brainer. 


If you are interested in simple ways to invite kindness in your life, consider these nine random acts of kindness. 



  • Give Someone A Genuine Compliment 


This is a great habit to get into in general. Simply hand out more genuine compliments. This will boost your mood and might make someone else's day. It might feel awkward, to begin with, but it will become second nature eventually. 



  • Buy the Person Behind You a Coffee


If you have the means, next time you are in the Drive-Thru, pay for the people behind you as well. This random act has a way of being passed on, or at the very least, talked about and shared. 



  • Tell A Boss About a Good Employee


We live in a society where people seem all too willing to scream at retail workers. Instead of complaining about a bad job, why don't we mention good service more?  Please make an effort to let a manager know when one of their staff does a great job. 



  • Find a Charity You Believe In


If you have the means to make a charitable donation, your money will go a long way for someone less fortunate. The best way to connect with a charity is to do your research and find something that truly speaks to you. 



  • Volunteer Somewhere 


If you don't have extra money, do you have an extra hour? Volunteering your time can be just as effective as a charitable donation. Not only are you helping people in need, but you are also getting social interaction. You might even learn something new or meet someone interesting. 



  • Help Someone Who Needs It 


Is there someone in your life who needs a little help? Go ahead and offer them a hand. Reach out with a call or a text and ask if they need anything. Sometimes, that gesture alone makes a world of difference to somebody. 



  • Offer to Help People Who Seem Lost


You ever see people while you are out who seem lost? Maybe they are looking at a map or their phone, pointing in different directions. Ask them if they need help finding something. Often people will be too shy to ask for help on their own. 



  • Offer Workers a Drink


If you have some people working in your neighborhood, or even working at your place, offer them a drink. This is especially important on really hot days. You could play the hero with a well-timed delivery of ice-cold water. 



  • Leave Positive Comments on Social Media 


Social media can be a real cesspool. Everyone is trying to get a quick laugh by taking someone down. Other people post negative reviews of everything, Take a week, and only leave positive social media comments. See how you feel after that week. I bet you keep doing it! 


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