Getting Angry Can Cost You Your Job

angry appropriate behavior control job protection work Jul 03, 2023
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Let’s face it. People are going to get under your skin at work. In most cases, you are not in charge of picking the people who you work with. That means you will find plenty of incompatible people in the workplace. But blowing a gasket when someone makes you reach your boiling point could cost you your job.


You need to find ways to diffuse your anger. You will not only be the bigger person in doing so; you may even save your job. It will show your company that you can handle pressure as well, which is an important aspect of business.


Your parents and teachers have all told you to count to ten whenever you are angry. This is still good advice. Also, try to walk away from the person or people who are irritating you. You have a greater chance of not saying something you will later regret.


When you are trying to compose yourself, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Perhaps there is something you did that is making them react in a hostile manner. Playback, in your head, any interactions you had with that person and see if you did something to upset them.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to cave into people. If they are in the wrong, you’ll want to put yourself in a position of strength, but do it only when you are no longer angry. Businesses (especially hospitals) appreciate employees and staff who can defuse altercations.


As a last resort, you may need to approach your manager (or theirs) regarding the behaviors of some of your coworkers. If so, present both sides of the situation as best you can. Your manager will see that you are not trying to manipulate him or her into only seeing your side of the story.


Managers should also keep anger in check. While it’s common for some managers to lay into their employees, this behavior can backfire on them. Good managers need to handle situations in a firm but fair manner, without losing control of their emotions. Otherwise, employees may seek alternative employment. Upper management may start to notice managers who are overly aggressive with their employees and take disciplinary actions.


Find ways to blow off steam. People spend many hours each week working together. There are bound to be heated situations. Keeping your composure, while not always easy, is going to go a long way in helping you from losing your job.


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