Food and Finances: Where To Turn When You Need Help

food and finances: where to turn when you need help garden money self help strategies support Aug 08, 2023
young woman gardening vegetables (saves money, and healthy, too)

These days, many families are finding themselves in difficult financial situations, whatever the cause. Tough questions such as, can we pay our rent or mortgage this month, will we be able to pay our utility bills, will we even have enough for groceries are being faced regularly. There are a few small things that people can do to help get through this hard time.

Growing your own food may help, even if it’s just a little bit. Obviously, the amount of space you have may dictate how much you can grow. But, even in a well-lit window or a small terrace, you should be able to have containers with some produce. Things like lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions and strawberries are fairly easy to grow and don't necessarily require in-ground planting. This may save some money and provide some food without having to put much money out to get started.

Something else you might try if you don’t already is couponing. There are coupons in the grocery store circulars, manufacturers coupons that you can find online and now there are couponing apps as well. One of my favorite couponing apps is Ibotta. It’s super easy to use and usable in almost every major grocery store. You get money back on the app and you’re given choices on how to use it. You can convert your money to your Amazon account or a gift card or have it transferred to your PayPal account. 

If you’re truly wondering if you can pay the mortgage or your bills next month, give the companies a call. Some mortgage companies will be able to let you defer payments for a while. Most credit card companies will give a grace period or even put your account on hold so that payments can be missed without penalty and in some cases not charge any extra interest for a period of time. It’s very important to note however, that if you are going to differ payments, that you completely understand the terms, so that you avoid surprises in the future. You’re not alone in needing help, so don’t feel awkward about asking for it.


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