What Is The Best ABIM Internal Medicine Review Course?

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What Is the Best Internal Medicine Board Review Course?

Looking for the best internal medicine board review? The best ABIM review course for you depends on many factors, including cost and your learning preference. The exam assesses the knowledge, diagnostic reasoning, and clinical judgment skills expected of board-certified internists. To enhance exam performance, attending an Internal Medicine Board Review Course or actively applying yourself to a self-study program is highly beneficial.


Preparing for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Certification Examination is a significant milestone for residents and physicians in their pursuit of clinical excellence. Here, we explore the various options available, including live board review courses and self-study programs, to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and learning style about the best way to study for your internal medicine board exams.


You’ll want to take into consideration the cost of the program, the time requirement, the time away from work, travel expenses if you attend a live event, and whether or not there’s a mobile app. Personally, I’d rather knock out a few board questions while waiting for an elevator then leave a longer stretch for after work each night, so the mobile app was helpful. I’m also a fan of flash cards which you can read easily at a stop light and not violate the “no mobile phone while driving” policy.


  1. Live Board Review Courses:

Live board review courses offer an immersive and structured learning experience, combining expert faculty instruction with interactive sessions. Each of these provides participant’s benefit from test-taking strategies, a comprehensive electronic syllabus, CME credits, and ongoing real-time faculty support. Let's examine some reputable live study programs available:


  1. American College of Physicians (ACP) Board Review Course:

The ACP Board Review Course stands as a gold standard in board exam preparation. It covers a comprehensive curriculum aligned with the ABIM exam blueprint and fosters critical thinking skills through interactive case-based questions. Typically offered twice a year in different cities across the United States,


  1. Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review

The Cleveland Clinic's Internal Medicine Board Review course, which allows for Live stream and unlimited post-event online access, focuses on high frequency, high importance topics directly from the ABIM exam blueprint. Interactive sessions, case-based questions, and expert faculty instruction make the learning experience engaging and practical. As a lecture-based program, many participants benefit by supplementing this with additional board specific questions and practice tests, such as those provided by one of the self-study programs below, to test themselves away from the actual review course.


  1. Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review

The Mayo Clinic's Internal Medicine Board Review course emphasizes in-depth coverage of key topics through interactive case-based discussions. With a focus on enhancing diagnostic and management decisions, this program strengthens candidates' clinical judgment skills. Combining live lectures with questions, this can be a complete study program for your ABIM exam. The course expires 9/22/25.


  1. Rosh Review

The Rosh Review offers a comprehensive board review course that combines a highly interactive and case-based approach. Expert faculty members guide candidates through high-yield topics, promoting critical thinking and clinical decision-making. Combining live lectures with questions, this can be a complete study program for your ABIM exam. While only the Premium plan comes with videos, if you need to retake the exam or if you don't complete all the questions, your subscription can be extended through the next exam free of charge.


  1. Harvard’s 44th Annual Intensive Review of Internal Medicine

Harvard provides a highly regarded live lecture series designed to prepare individuals for the ABIM exam. This comprehensive program, offered both in Boston and online from July 23-30, 2023, provides a dynamic learning experience with expert faculty delivering in-depth lectures on key topics. The course covers the breadth of internal medicine, ensuring a comprehensive review aligned with the ABIM exam blueprint. Participants benefit from the expertise of Harvard faculty, gaining valuable insights and up-to-date medical knowledge.


  1. American Physician Institute

The American Physician Institute offers both live board review courses and self-study programs. Their live courses provide a highly interactive learning environment, featuring expert faculty, case-based discussions, and comprehensive content coverage. Some participants feel most and best prepared when taking this live course accompanied by The Pass Machine’s self-study program, also created by the American Physician Institute. Knowing that the programs are created by the same team dedicated to your success remains reassuring while the programs seamlessly integrate to solidify your knowledge base. Many call this the “Best way to study for internal medicine board exams.”


  1. Self-Study Programs:

For individuals who prefer a more independent and flexible approach to exam preparation, self-study programs offer an excellent alternative.


  1. MedStudy

MedStudy offers comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, question banks, and video lectures. Their self-study programs cover the breadth of internal medicine, providing in-depth content review and practice questions to test knowledge and application. MedStudy's resources allow for flexible self-paced learning and its “personal trainer” enables candidates to tailor their study plan according to their individual needs.


  1. The Pass Machine

The Pass Machine provides online video lectures and question banks, allowing candidates to study at their own pace. The program focuses on high-yield topics to enhance knowledge and exam readiness. The flexibility of online access and the inclusion of detailed explanations for practice questions make The Pass Machine a convenient self-study option. This, plus the ability to take the live program in real time, makes it the preferred option for many who call it the “Best way to study for internal medicine board exams.”


  1. StatPearls

StatPearls offers concise study materials, including written summaries, flashcards, and audio recordings. Their content is designed to reinforce key concepts, making it ideal for quick review and retention. StatPearls' bite-sized study resources are beneficial for individuals seeking a concise and focused self-study approach. It includes both performance reports and the ability to take unlimited quizzes to feel most prepared for your Board exams.


  1. True Learn

True Learn offers an adaptive learning platform that tailors study materials based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Their question banks provide a personalized learning experience, allowing candidates to focus on areas that require improvement. True Learn's adaptive features make it a suitable choice for self-directed learners aiming to optimize their study time effectively. They boast a 96% pass rate. Their “Buy now. Activate when ready” option may make them a great one to look for on Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales if you’re not taking your Boards until next year.


  1. Board Vitals

Board Vitals offers an extensive question bank with detailed explanations and practice exams (for an additional cost). Their self-study program includes a variety of question formats, closely resembling those found in the ABIM exam, to improve test-taking skills and knowledge retention. Board Vitals' question bank is particularly useful for individuals who prefer an intensive question-based approach to exam preparation. Recommended by 93% of its customers.


  1. NEJM Knowledge+

NEJM Knowledge+ provides an interactive, online platform for exam preparation. Their program combines self-assessment questions, educational content, and personalized learning plans to optimize exam performance. NEJM Knowledge+ integrates high-quality medical content with interactive self-assessment tools, making it a valuable resource for candidates. It comes with two, timed, practice exams.



Choosing the best Internal Medicine Board Review Course is essential for residents and physicians preparing for the ABIM Certification Examination. Live board review courses provide immersive learning experiences with expert faculty, interactive sessions, and additional benefits like CME credits and real-time faculty support. Alternatively, self-study programs offer flexible options for independent learners. Investing in a comprehensive board review course is a valuable step towards achieving certification. Ultimately, the best way to study for the internal medicine board exams depends on your preferences, available time, and willingness to buckle down and do the work. These resources, utilized properly, can improve your chances at successfully passing the Board exam.


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