7 Tips for Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Lessons

7 tips for adding fun to your homeschool lessons 1 children kids parent parenting self expression support Aug 27, 2023
single mom physician works on homeschooling with her two boys

While uncommon, I’ve met single mom physicians that manage to homeschool their children. This is ALWAYS with assistance from at least one other person. Sometimes it’s another mother and you trade off teaching duties based on your schedule. Other times, it’s a grandparent who does the work of tutor with mom acting as principal and mother. It’s a juggling act, either way … and it can be a challenge to keep the kids engaged…


Are you and your children looking for fun and creative things to add to your homeschooling lessons? Getting into a rut of all work and no play can make learning stagnant. In fact, your student is more likely to succeed in learning when you purposefully make it fun to learn. Even the toughest of subjects or concepts and be comprehended when adding fun activities.

Homeschooling can become boring and monotonous so it’s important to create ways to keep your children interested and motivated. Adding fun things to your homeschooling lessons can help your students learn the concepts of their lessons while creating an inviting environment. Even as an adult we attain information in creative and fun ways.


Don’t allow yourself to rely completely on textbooks and workbooks to teach lessons as this can lead to boring schooldays and make your entire homeschool family dread learning at home. Once you have your school lessons planned for the week, try to take some of these ideas and incorporate them. You may be surprised at just how much your student learns all the while you are creating educational and fun memories.


7 Tips for Adding Fun to Your Homeschool Lessons

  • Play more games - Look over your current lesson plans and write down what subjects can easily incorporate games. Just about every lesson you teach can add a game element to that lesson. For example, Bingo can be used for math and reading. There are versions of number bingo and word bingo. Search online to find games related to your specific lesson.
  •  Add Music - Incorporate music into your homeschooling day can bring a sense of peace and calm. There is music that contains lyrics or even just instruments. Depending on the lesson your child is learning, try to match that concept with music. If your student is learning new vocabulary words see if you can find instrumental music and allow your student to create the lyrics using their new words.
  •  Go on Field Trips - Leave the classroom and going on a field trip is the most popular way to bring fun into your homeschooling lessons. You may be surprised at how many field trip options are available to you today. Keep in mind that field trips are not limited to just one subject, in fact, you can combine lesson concepts into one field trip. For example, if you are introducing math and nutrition you could schedule a trip to a local bakery. Many bakeries offer field trip experiences just be sure to call ahead and find out their rules.
  •  Let The Kids Decide - A student-led curriculum is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. Many students know how they learn best and what is considered fun. Give your students the opportunity to let you know what they enjoy and what is fun.
  •  Keep It Simple - The best way to add fun to your homeschooling lessons is to just start where you’re at and don’t overthink it. Look at your local community and see what type of activities are available to you and your children. Is there an after-school group that allows homeschooled children to participate? Can you use your backyard as a scavenger hunt that’s focused on natures’ study?
  •  Aim For Connection - Homeschooling is not about perfection, it is about progress. Keep in mind that your fun activity should bring you and your children together in a fun and enjoyable way without having any drama. If things don’t go exactly as you envisioned, don’t worry, because this is all part of the learning process.
  •  Be Flexible - If you have a fun activity planned and for some reason, it cannot be completed then have a backup plan in place. Homeschooling requires you to be flexible and this is an important part of life that your children will need to learn and understand.

Now that you have covered some top tips for adding fun to your homeschooling lessons, let’s delve deeper into those tips.

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