5 Things to Do Right Now if You’re Experiencing an Upheaval

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Life is uncertain. One minute, you’re going along, doing what you always do, and the next, everything has come crashing to a halt. Now you’ve been left floundering, and everything in your life has become overwhelming. You’re experiencing upheaval, and you don’t know what to do.


Thankfully, there are several things you can do right now, which will help you gain a clearer head and a better ability to cope, regardless of the disaster. Try these quick tips to help you regain your equilibrium:


Put on the Brakes

When things leave you feeling you’re running in all directions at once, the last thing you need is added responsibility. It’s time to start protecting yourself by saying ‘no’ when asked to shoulder more. This is you taking control where you can.


Vary Your Day

It’s so easy to fall into doing whatever feels comfortable when you’re in upheaval. Let’s face it, you want comfort, and there’s something soothing in repetitious action like watching TV, snacking obsessively, or sleeping. Even good things, like working through your inbox, exercising, or cleaning the house, can become unhealthy if that’s all you’re doing. The goal here is to mix up your schedule. Only allow a set time for each activity before you need to switch to something else.


Drop the Device

Speaking of obsessive, set the phone aside. You don’t need to keep checking social media or your text messages. Give yourself a break. More often than not, the feedback of others is only going to invite you to obsess about the crisis and not offer much in the way of solutions.


Be Kind

Attitude is everything. If you’re feeling the disaster, start looking for ways just to be more helpful to those around you. Doing this takes your focus off your negativity and builds positivity in someone else’s day, with the side benefit of raising your mood at the same time.


Take Care of You

When you become disaster-focused, it’s very easy to neglect yourself. Now more than ever, you need to eat right and get enough sleep. Taking time for yourself will help you reduce some of the physical strain an upheaval can cause. Also, feeling better physically can lower anxiety and stress.


See Your Future

Grab a mental picture of where you want to be in the future. Hang onto this image. By reminding yourself you’re going to get through this and be able to accomplish your future goals, you’re acknowledging the current situation is temporary.


Unfortunately, not every upheaval can be solved. Most are out of your control from the moment they hit. On the other hand, you do still have the ability to control your actions and the steps you take afterward. By practicing these techniques, at the very least, you’re going to feel stronger and more confident about your next steps. It’s here where you’ll find peace of mind.

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