5 Steps to Changing Your Money Mindset 

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You might have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that has been used for years to help in everything from anxiety to pain relief. But did you know that EFT can also be used to change your money mindset and set you up for financial success?


It might sound crazy on the first hearing but think about it. Your money mindset is what dictates your financial success—what you focus on in life is what you get more of. To the person who is resentful of spending, then the act of saving becomes something unhealthy. To the one who is afraid of there never being enough, it becomes very hard to leave behind a status quo that might be keeping them trapped financially. 


Examining your mindsets and motivations is necessary then, to change those financial attitudes. How?


  1. Remind yourself that where you are today, financially, has more to do with what’s going on inside of you than what’s coming at you from the outside world. You have inner set points that dictate where you are and realizing this puts you back in control by simply re-setting those points.


  1. Examine your past and discover the attitudes towards money of those people who were important to you. You grew up bearing witness to people talking about money. It’s through these memories that you’re going to come to understand where your own beliefs originate. For example, if your parents fought a lot about money, then you might be experiencing some unhealthy emotional reactions to money now.


  1. Work through whatever financial trauma you’re experiencing right now. It’s time to let go of the negative emotions and attachments that taint your money mindset and make it impossible to succeed.


  1. Use EFT to remove emotional blockages and negative reactions toward money and finances. EFT uses tapping along acupressure points to release money-blocking beliefs and replace them with an abundant mindset. By applying this pressure to meridian points, you free the energy trapped by unhealthy thinking. To learn how to use EFT, type ‘EFT money mindset videos’ into your favorite search engine. There are lots of free videos available to show you exactly what to do.


  1. Create new financial goals now that you’ve worked through the negative emotions and experiences. That means embracing the positive new you when talking about your financial well-being. 


Remember, you are a worthy and strong individual. By using EFT, you are released to accept your value and worth, changing your attitude toward money as a whole. 


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